Swept Away HR46 at anchor Second Wind at anchor Northern Exposure at anchor


Swept Away at anchor

Our first Hallberg-Rassy sailboat was a 46-foot model we called Swept Away. We owned the sailboat Swept Away from 2000-2006, and sailed in summer seasons 2000 (in Northern Europe)
until the end of the season 2005 (in the Mediterranean.) We enjoyed the experience so much
that we decided to start all over again, with a Hallberg-Rassy 54, beginning in the spring of 2007.

Here's our cruising itinerary through the Mediterranean during the 2001-2005 seasons.

Follow our travels with Swept Away year-to-year:

2000: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Holland, France and Spain (by car), Spain

2001: from Spain to France, Italy, Tunisia, Malta

2002: from Malta to Italy, Greece, Turkey

2003: Turkey, Greece

2004: Turkey, Cyprus, Syria, Lebanon, Israel

2005: from Turkey to Greece, Italy. to Malta

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