Crew - Previous Seasons
Swept Away HR46 at anchor Second Wind at anchor Northern Exposure at anchor

Our traveling partners

Here are photos of our crew in Second Wind's previous seasons.

Dave and Patti Our friends Dave and Patti joined us in our first season aboard Second Wind to move the boat from Karlskrona to Gothenburg.

Patti and Dave also sailed with us to Latvia from Germany, met us in Scotland to participate in a rally in the Scottish Highlands, and traveled with us between Malta and Sicily in 2013.
The Laird at his castle. Jack's maternal family descends from the Rose clan, and Kilvarock Castle sits outside of Inverness, Scotland. Sammie and Jack joined us after we arrived in Inverness and helped us take the boat through the Caledonian Canal.

They also sailed with us during our first season aboard Second Wind, from Helsinki to Saint Petersburg, and in our final season aboard Second Wind, in Italy, Albania, and Greece.

The Laird
Allison and Claire Niece Allison and our sister-in-law Claire met us in Copenhagen and sailed with us across the southern coast of Sweden. In this photo, they're enjoying a day at Tivoli.
Doug Our nephews Doug and Drew helped us move the boat from Scotland to Ireland in 2010.  Drew
 Vickie, our friend (she who is beloved by so many other Hallberg-Rassy owners), joined us in England in 2011 and sailed with us on an overnight voyage to France and a two-night trip from France to Spain.

We all still managed to take in some culture, and better yet, tapas.
Rhoda and Gene  Rhoda and Gene visited us in Barcelona in 2011, and they gave us a chance to enjoy that first awe you get of the city again for a second time.
Vickie and Roland visited us in Malta in 2012, a preview, no doubt, of their own arrival aboard their own Bella Luna in 2013. Vickie and Roland

All Aboard

When your boat is far from friends and family, taking people sailing requires a bit of advance planning and some real-time coordination. Typically, we arrange well in advance for crew to meet us at the time we expect to be somewhere that's easy for all of us to reach.

We often arrange for experienced sailors to visit us when we know we'll have overnight sailing to do. Though it's feasible to sail through the night with only the two of us, it's easier if we have help.

Europe has fine public transportation, and if we can't make it to a city with an airport, our friends can always reach us by train or bus.

Our focus on safety means that our itineraries will always be interesting but never too ambitious, and we leave plenty of time for us to arrive at our meeting-point well before our company gets to town.

A missed plane connection can delay our crew's arrival, just as weather can delay ours. If we get extra time in town, we can just stock the pantry and check out the local tourism possibilities. And, if our guests get there first, they can always use public transport to find us wherever we are, or stay put until we find the right weather window.