Swept Away HR46 at anchor Second Wind at anchor Northern Exposure at anchor

 Bird’s eye view of Hallberg-Rassy yard.

The Boatyard in Ellös

The boatyard is located about one hour's drive from Gothenburg, Sweden. Gothenburg, on the west coast of Sweden, is the second largest city, after Stockholm. Stockholm is about a six-hour drive from the boatyard, on the east coast of the country.


The factory floor.

Production Facility

Hallberg-Rassy builds boats from 31’ to 62’. Boats by Hallberg-Rassy are more common in Europe than in the US. They build hundreds of boats each year and their current backlog is for several years.

Because they build so many boats, they can make use of efficiencies that other builders cannot match. For example, to build the interior, they use computer-controlled machinery to cut the wood.

 An HR 46 under sail.

Hallberg-Rassy 46

Our boat is a Hallberg-Rassy 46, a sloop. Sloops have one mast, as you can see in this photo from the Hallberg-Rassy collection.


If you want to see more Hallberg-Rassy photos, go to their site at www.hallberg-rassy.se and look at Gallery for photos or Yachts for specifications about our HR 46. The link will open a new window for you.