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This map is from Lonely Planet, a great source of travel information. Click here for more information about Turkey on the Lonely Planet web site (it will appear in a new window).

We began our voyage on the southern coast of Turkey, just west of Antalya. After we provisioned the boat (a nautical term that essentially means "make sure everything works and then go to the supermarket"), we traveled up the coast, past Bodrum and Ephesus, to the city of Ayvalık. From somewhere north of Izmir, we'll cross to an offshore island and make our way to the coast of Greece. Most of the places we saw in 2003 weren't on the previous year's itinerary. Late in the season, we returned to the southern coast of Turkey and left Swept Away in Finike again. It's a real Turkish town, with wonderful people and a very capable boatyard.





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