2008 Itinerary
Swept Away HR46 at anchor Second Wind at anchor Northern Exposure at anchor

Around Norway

In the 2008 season, we spent most of the time covering the coast of Norway. After a rather early start, we left the west coast of Sweden and crossed to Norway, making landfall in the southeast corner at Kristiansand.

We sailed as far north as Bodø, which is above the Arctic Circle. We then crossed to the Lofoten Islands, and worked our way back to Sweden, crossing back from Arendal.

2008 itinerary on map


May 2   Arrive at boat
May 12   Leave for Norway
May 14   Stavanger
May 16   Bergen 
June 1   Rørvik
June 10   Bodø
June 15   Lofoten Islands
July 15   Trondheim
August 7   Bergen
August 15   Kristiansand
September 1   Oslo
September 10   Return to Sweden
October 1   Leave boat in storage
October 2   Return to US