2007 Itinerary
Swept Away HR46 at anchor Second Wind at anchor Northern Exposure at anchor

To Saint Petersburg and back to Sweden

The maiden voyage of Second Wind began at Hallberg-Rassy in Ellös, a resort town just north of Gothenburg and the home of the boat builder. We arrived in mid-April and spent about a month getting the boat ready to sail away. Then we travelled around in the Baltic Sea area for the summer season. We returned to where we started in September and put the boat away for the winter. You can view a more detailed itinerary at right.

2007 itinerary on map


April 17   Take delivery at Ellös
May 15   Sea trials to Norway
May 20   Ellös to Copenhagen
May 29   Visit Copenhagen
June 3   Copenhagen to Stockholm
June 17   Visit Stockholm
June 25   Stockholm to Helsinki
July 1   Visit Helsinki
July 8   Helsinki to St. Petersburg
July 15   St. Petersburg to Helsinki
July 17   Helsinki to Stockholm
August 5   Stockholm to Gothenburg
August 22   Gothenburg to Ellös
September 1   Prepare Second Wind for winter storage in Sweden
October 2   Return to US