2012 Itinerary
Swept Away HR46 at anchor Second Wind at anchor Northern Exposure at anchor

Dawdling down the western Mediterranean

The boat spent the 2011-2012 winter season in France, well positioned for a leisurely float from continental Europe to Malta.

2012 Itinerary

Our trip began near Marseilles in May, and we continued along the coast towards Cannes. We crossed to the French island of Corsica and traveled along its western coast. From there, we went to Italy's Sardinia and Sicily, and made our way to tiny, wonderful Malta.

The season wasn't over by the time we arrived there, so we made another trip to Sicily, just for fun, in September.



May 1   Return to boat
May 9   Leave Port Napoleon
May Visit Provence and the Cote d'Azur
June   Explore Corsica
July   Visit Sardinia and Sicily
August   Malta
September   Sail around the region surrounding Malta
Early October   Return to Malta and prepare boat for winter storage
Late October   Return to US