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We've spent a lot of time in Gothenburg, the city nearest the boatyard. We've learned a bit about life in Sweden and even recognize some words (although neither of us has the courage to pronounce any in front of an actual Swede.)

An Elvis sighting; note the roller blades.

What we've noticed at once is:

  • Swedes are unusually friendly and helpful. Look at a map on a downtown street and people will approach you and ask what you need to find.

  • Many Swedes we encounter communicate in perfect English.

  • Everything is simply smothered in cream sauce, including pizza. It takes weeks to figure out how to order a meal without finding a surprise cream sauce topping.

  • Everyone also seems to smoke. Finding any fat-free or decaffeinated food is a challenge. Still, many Swedes are slender and healthy, as if Woody Allen's Sleeper was right.

Spring is here. On a Sunday holiday, with few stores open, downtown shopping streets were filled with people appreciating the sunshine, warm breeze and long daylight.

The front entrance of the Gothenburg Opera.