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We only had time for a brief visit to Denmark this season, and we were happy to spend our time in Copenhagen, a city that always delights us.

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Little Mermaid statue
The much-photographed statue of the Little Mermaid defines Copenhagen the same way the Eiffel Tower defines Paris and the Golden Gate Bridge defines San Francisco. But the statue itself is of little historic or artistic importance. It was commissioned in 1909 by an heir to the Carlsberg Brewery who had been fascinated by a ballet based on the fairytale. The sculptor Edvard Eriksen created the statue, using his wife as the model (the ballerina who was originally engaged to model left the project when she couldn't handle the nudity of the piece.)
Amalienborg Square
This square is surrounded by Amalienborg Palace, the winter home of the Danish royal family. In the center of the octagonal square is a statue of the castle's founder, King Frederik V. The four buildings surrounding the square were originally constructed for four noble families, but the royal family purchased the palace when their own castle burnt down in 1794.
Royal Guard
The Danish Royal Guard leaves Rosenborg Castle at 11:30am and marches through Copenhagen accompanied by a brass band. They arrive at Amalienborg Palace to perform the changing of the guard at noon.
Ny Carlsberg Museum
Carl Jacobsen, the son of the founder of Carlsberg Breweries, didn't spend all his time collecting fairytales. The Ny Carlsberg Museum houses his personal collection of antiquities and art. There are Egyptian, Greek, and Roman antiquities, one of the largest Etruscan collections outside of Italy, and rooms filled with paintings and sculpture by Impressionists and post-Impressionists. The museum's collection contains works by artists such as Monet, Pissarro, Renoir, Degas, Czanne, van Gogh, and Toulouse-Lautrec. The museum holds the most important collection of Rodin's sculptures outside of France, and all of the bronze sculptures of Degas.
Restaurant Ida Davidsen
The Restaurant Ida Davidsen is a fifth-generation provider of the famed Danish open-face sandwich, the smørrebrød. The sandwiches on offer are on display in a glass case, and each one looks almost too good to eat. Or you can design your own creation or choose from the extended menu of hundreds of options.