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From Hoorn, we took a train into Amsterdam to see Sail 2000, an event that had been predicted to draw 500,000 visitors. Sail 2000 is an international gathering of tall ships. We think the prediction was right.

It was a beautiful day in Amsterdam, so it shouldn't have surprised us to see so many people in attendance. As you can see from this photo, the line of tall ships extended to the horizon, and it did that in both directions, with additional ships docked across the canal. The ship at the right is from Argentina.

Imagine the effort to build a stern decoration like the one at left for a ship that is intended for commercial use. Above, you can see the Russian tall ship in the show, being swarmed by some of the hundreds of small pleasure craft that dared to watch the show from within the harbor.


Shows always draw street performers, and we stopped to watch a magician from Canada perform and an English-speaking comedy duet.

Art was type-cast as a monster in the comic show, which was performed to the music of Peer Gynt playing in the background, but without any discernable plot. Art's job was to look menacing with fake hair on his head and a fake severed arm in his hand.