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Flamenco and fiestas, art and tapas

Something about Spain is just red hot even if it isn't summertime yet. The country's strategic position has meant an uninterrupted barrage of invaders during its history, and the culture is now the better for it. This was our first visit to any of Spain's coastal towns, and we drank up the experience faster than you can down a Sangria.

Pages from Spain:

Festa Major (2011)

Galicia (2011)

Mediterranean Spain (2011)

Valencia (2011)

Barcelona (2011)

Map of SpainThis map is from the Lonely Planet web site, a fine source of travel information. Click here to learn more about traveling in Spain (it will appear in a new window.)

Cruising in Spain

You can see on the map that Spain has Atlantic and Mediterranean coastlines. The Mediterranean coast is an international holiday destination. There are lots of visitors on the Atlantic coast, mostly Spaniards. Anywhere you are, the seafood is great and the people are warm and hospitable.

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