Northern Ireland
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The Six Counties of Ulster

Here's a story for you. Long, long ago, a seafaring chieftain saw land ahead, and told his two sons that he'd give this lovely place to the first one to lay a hand on it. They set out in separate boats and rowed ashore furiously, and one of them took the lead. The other son drew his sword, cut off his hand, and tossed it ashore, winning ownership for himself.

We chose instead to hold onto our appendages and enjoy what Northern Ireland has to offer: fine historical sights, great places to drink beer, and a cosmopolitan vitality.

Pages from Northern Ireland:

Belfast and Vicinity (2010)

Map of Northern Ireland

This map is from the Lonely Planet web site, a fine source of travel information. Click here to learn more about traveling in Northern Ireland (it will appear in a new window.)

Cruising in Northern Ireland

Elderly crossing

In Norway, a road sign like this shows a moose; in Scotland, a Highland cow. Here's some of the local wildlife they warned us about in Northern Ireland.

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