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Jolly Old....

We'll be working our way through the United Kingdom and Ireland all summer, and our 2010 journey ends on the south coast of England. We'll have an opportunity to have an extended visit along the coast of the country. England is the place that Americans from everywhere still think of as the motherland, no matter where their ancestors came from.

Pages from England:

South Coast of England (2010)

Map of EnglandThis map is from the Lonely Planet web site, a fine source of travel information. Click here to learn more about traveling in England (it will appear in a new window.)

Cruising in England

For sailors, a lot is different in England. The tides are big. The weather is rainy. The beer is warm.

And then there are the famous spots like this one.

Someone sle
			pt here

Everywhere you turn, someone famous did something infamous. In this case, the Duke of Monmouth was the illegitimate child of King Charles II. But that wasn't what made him unfortunate. In the same year as this meal, his father died. The Duke led the Monmouth Rebellion and declared himself the king. He was executed by those who didn't agree with him.

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