2014 Itinerary

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Getting to know the new boat

The boat spent the 2013-2014 winter indoors on Lake Michigan, in a heated shed. You'll note that we haven't drawn on an itinerary for the season, because we still have no idea where we are heading.

At this point, we know for sure that we'll start on Lake Michigan, cruise on Lake Michigan, and winter store on Lake Michigan, but that's the extent of it. Stay tuned. Maybe we'll find a better map, too.

2014 Itinerary



The calendar is pretty sparse, because we don't have any idea what our plans are quite yet. We'll fill this in once we know more about our plans.

Late March   Spend a week aboard in the shed to move in our belongings, and return to Florida to await summer.
Mid-May   Launch the boat and start living aboard.
 Late May until September Cruise Lake Michigan.
September   Prepare for winter storage on Lake Michigan.
Sometime between September and early October   Return to Florida.